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Tips & Advice

Before you come to our centre, we suggest that you read the following tips and advice to help you be better prepared :


All personal belongings must be properly labelled.  La ribambelle is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  It is forbidden to bring jewellery, candies, gum, money, or toys deemed violent, from home. It is recommended to not bring any toys from home. This will help avoid many conflicts.

Outdoor play is part of the regular activities of the Centre and children go out twice a day. Children must be dressed appropriately and safely. (Please make sure that all items are properly identified with the child’s name)

Please bring the following items for your child:


  • 2 weeks worth of diapers, replenished upon educators request;
  • One container of wipes;
  • Zinc ointment;
  • Transitional item i.e.: soother, stuffed animal or a small blanket (if necessary);
  • Small toothbrush (not electric or battery-operated) with a covered case that will protect the tip of the brush;
  • Change of clothes (socks, pants, shirt);
  • Snow and rain boots (in season);
  • Snow suit or rain coat;
  • Waterproof mittens which securely attach to his/her coat;
  • Hat for outdoor play;
  • Closed toe shoes (for indoor and outdoor

Bottles :

All bottles and food for the child must be provided by the parent.  In order to prevent the milk and food from becoming sour during transportation between your house and our centre, please keep them in a cold container.  The milk must be fresh from the morning and supplied for the entire day.  At the end of the day, your child’s educator will rinse the bottles and give them back to you.  We are not responsible for washing and sterilizing the bottles.

  • Bottles must be prepared by the parents in advance, as well as identified with the child’s first and last name;
  • 2 snacks (morning and afternoon or depending on your child’s current routine) for example: small fruits, apple sauce, dry cereal…
  • 1 meal for lunch tightly sealed and identified with the child’s first and last name

N.B. : It will be possible for an infant to eat la ribambelle’s meals once he/she has reached the capacity to eat table food. The decision will be made in collaboration with the Center’s Supervisor.