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La ribambelle offers weekly summer programs for children from infant to 5 years of age in London and Sarnia.  You get to pick and chose the weeks you want based on your summer schedule.  Our regular monthly programs run from September until June.

To register or learn more about our available programs, please go to our REGISTER tab.


I am an infant…

I may be new to this world but I know what I need. I require caretakers that understand the way I’ll be communicating with them before I’m able to speak my mind. It is said that the first two years of my life are crucial for my overall development. So much will be happening to all my senses all at once.  Not only will my tiny body grow incredibly fast from one week to another, but I’ll feel more and more capable of accomplishing tasks, as long as I’m given the right support. My little mind will begin to retain information the second I am spoken to and the careful way I am treated will be the foundation of my personality. I’m ready to start discovering the world around me. First I’m going to stand, then I’ll walk, and finally, I’ll soar.

Trust me, I’m learning. Let my journey begin at la ribambelle


I am a toddler…

Ready or not, here I come!  I am hardwired to feel, smell, taste and explore the world using every sense I have. I am trying hard right now to express what I want and need by stringing a couple of key words together. You may have heard me say “yes!”, “no!”, and “mine!” already…I will use these words as I see fit. I can now use my hands to tackle routines, like pulling up my zipper, buttoning up my coat, and using scissors. While I’m making messes, I’m making memories. I am about to leave handprints on a lot of walls and footprints in a lot of hearts.I just need to be surrounded by those that understand my actions and want to strengthen my weaknesses. I really do want to be guided in the right direction. (Psst! I’m pretty sure the right direction is towards the playground!)

Trust me, I’m learning. Let my journey begin at la ribambelle.


I am a preschooler…

I am starting to pave my way as an individual. I am strong-willed but I am still sensitive. I am absorbing everything around me and trying it out for myself to see what works and what doesn’t. I can promise you, even when I am occupied I am always, always listening! I will start by expressing my emotions with short sentences and before you know it, I’ll be holding complex conversations about space, numbers and time measurement.I will stay constantly busy tying together concepts, shoelaces and the bonds of my early friendships. As I accumulate knowledge and concentrate for longer periods of time, I am naturally preparing myself for my big-kid education. I am so excited. I feel like I’m ready to fly, I just need someone to believe in me.

Trust me, I’m learning. Let my journey begin at la ribambelle.

Before & After School

I am a big kid now…

I have graduated from childcare to school! I spend a good part of the day in class, but my parents need me to stay at school a little longer before going home.  So, I go to a Before and After School Program for children between 4 and 12 years of age.  I can relax and do a variety of activities, or I can simply do my homework. I make my own choices!

Trust me, I’m learning. Let my journey continue at la ribambelle.